Macquarie shopping centre map

Map of Macquarie Centre Sydney. Macquarie shopping centre map (Australia) to print. Macquarie shopping centre map (Australia) to download. Macquarie Centre has a number of services to help make your shopping trips more enjoyable. Our Concierge team are happy to assist you in all aspects of your visit to the centre, and can be contacted during business hours. Macquarie Centre provides a number of parents rooms conveniently located throughout the centre containing nappy change tables, microwave ovens, a secure children play area and toilet facilities (see macquarie shopping center map). Complimentary use of wheelchairs, motorised scooters and prams are available at Macquarie Centre. Shop Mobility is a free customer service which provides mobility equipment such as motorised scooters and wheelchairs to shoppers. Disabled parking and a passenger setdown area can be accessed from the Herring Road express ramp.

Map of Macquarie Centre Sydney

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Macquarie Centre has plenty of parking areas allowing for easy access. There are up to 5,000 parking spaces available at Macquarie Centre, including Parents with Prams spaces, available in the Express Car Park and on Level 1 and 2 of the multi-deck and twin-deck car parks as you can see in macquarie shopping center map. Disabled parking is available at all entrances to the centre. Disabled parking for ShopMobility can be accessed from the Herring Road express ramp. The availability of free parking at the Macquarie Centre is limited to 3-hours only (excluding Express Car Park). A licence plate recognition system captures and records the time of entry for each car and assigns this entry time to the car registration. Where a car exits and then re-enters the car park within 1-hour, additional parking charges apply (for the duration of the total time parked in the car park, from the time of the first recorded entry).
Macquarie shopping center is one of the best shopping center in Sydney, Australia. The stores have quality products and one can find almost all the top brands here though a little expensive as compared to other shopping malls in Sydney as its mentioned in macquarie shopping center map. While here one should not miss MYERS and at the same time drop in at QUELL for refreshments or quick snack. It also has a food court which has many restaurants offering local dishes, Chinese, South Asian food. Car parking is free for 3 hours. Macquarie Centre is conveniently located on the M2 Highway, just 30 minutes from Sydney CBD and accessible by many forms of transport including the Sydney Metro to Macquarie University Station. Over 4 hotels in the Macquarie Park are located within 10 minutes of Macquarie Centre. The Macquarie University metro station enables travel to the northwest every four minutes during peak times.