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Map of sydney councils. Sydney councils map (Australia) to print. Sydney councils map (Australia) to download. Apart from the limited role of the Cumberland County Council from 1945–1964, there has never been an overall governing body for the Sydney metropolitan area; instead, the metropolitan area is divided into local government areas (LGAs) which are comparable to boroughs in cities such as London. These areas have elected councils which are responsible for functions delegated to them by the New South Wales State Government, such as planning and garbage collection. The classification of which councils make up Sydney varies as its mentioned in sydney councils map. The Local Government Association of New South Wales considers all LGAs lying entirely in Cumberland County as part of its 'Metro' group, which excludes Camden (classed in its 'Country' group). The Australian Bureau of Statistics defines a Sydney Statistical Division (the population figures of which are used in this map) that includes all of the above councils as well as Wollondilly, the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Gosford and Wyong.

Map of sydney councils

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The City of Sydney includes the central business area and some adjoining inner suburbs, and has in recent years been expanded through amalgamation with adjoining local government areas, such as South Sydney as its shown in sydney councils map. It is led by the elected Lord Mayor of Sydney and a council. On 20 July 1842 the municipal council of Sydney was incorporated and the town was declared the first city in Australia, with John Hosking the first elected mayor. The Greater Western Sydney Region is located in Sydney west. The Greater Western Sydney Region is bounded by the Singleton Council area and Cessnock City in the north, the Central Coast Council area, Hornsby Shire, the City of Ryde, the City of Canada Bay, the Strathfield Council area, the Burwood Council area, the Inner West Council area, the Rockdale City Council area, the Georges River Council area, Sutherland Shire and Wollongong City in the east, Wingecarribee Shire and Upper Lachlan Shire in the south, and the Oberon Council area and Lithgow City in the west.
Sydney five largest councils are at the bottom of the class in "operating performance ratio", which measures a council expenditure against revenue, excluding capital items. TCorp regards this ratio as a "core measure of financial sustainability". Sydney biggest council, Blacktown, with 325,000 residents, comes in at 35th out of 41 Sydney councils as you can see in sydney councils map. Sutherland is 27th, Fairfield 30th, Bankstown 33rd and Liverpool 34th. Of these, only Liverpool and Fairfield are targeted by Fit for the Future for amalgamation while five of the six best performing Sydney councils are being pushed to merge with neighbours. These are Willoughby, Leichhardt, Hornsby, Warringah and Manly. The number of councils recording an operating deficit increased in 2013-14, largely due to the federal government decision to roll back advance payments of its financial assistance grants to councils. A total of 111 councils (73 per cent ) reported operating deficits for 2013-14 compared with 98 councils (64 per cent) for 2012-13.