Pirtek stadium map

Parramatta Stadium map. Pirtek stadium map (Australia) to print. Pirtek stadium map (Australia) to download. Parramatta Stadium or Pirtek Stadium after the names of the official sponsors is a sports stadium located in the Parramatta suburb of Sydney as you can see in pirtek stadium map. Pirtek Stadium was built on the historic sight of the Cumberland Oval in 1985 and is currently home to two sports clubs: Parramatta Eels and A-League side, Western Sydney Wanderers. Sydney Parramatta Stadium is the second sports venue to sit on the site with the first pitch used primarily for cricket and known as the Cumberland Oval, a name which some fans still use to refer to the ground today. Dating as far back at the mid 19th century it was clear to the New South Wales Government that the facilities desperately needed modernising with the design put out to tender in 1983 and completed two years later. In 2002 just under twenty years after the stadium initially opened work began to decrease the total capacity of the stadium by 5,500 when two grass verges named after Rugby Players Brett Kenny and Peter Sterling were converted into proper stands complete with plastic seats. Seen as essential to the long term future of the stadium, a commission was also established in 2010 charged with creating a “master plan” through renovations.

Parramatta Stadium map

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Tickets to see Western Sydney Wanderers play at Pirtek Stadium can often vary in price depending on levels of demand, and whereabouts you sit so do not be surprised if the prices appear to fluctuate by a few dollars per fixture. The best place to compare them is on Ticketmaster who are the official ticket merchants of the club. Pirtek Stadium is located approximately 1.8 km north-west of Parramatta Railway Station, with the resulting walk likely to take the average fan no more than 25 minutes as its mentioned in pirtek stadium map. There are lots of services from here to around the rest of the country including the Western Line trains which can transport fans from Central Sydney, North Shore, and Blacktown amongst other places. There are two or three hotels north of the Parramatta River less than 10 minutes away from Pirtek Stadium most notably Hotel Novotel, and The Royal Oak Hotel. Back towards the city on the other side of the river there is the likes of a Holiday Inn, Park Royal, and The Woolpack Hotel.
Between Pirtek Stadium and Parramatta railway station there are a good number of watering holes to consider which certainly makes the 25 minute or so walk much more enjoyable as its shown in pirtek stadium map. The first bar worth considering is P.J Gallagher Irish Pub, followed by the Bavarian Bar Café which is located on Marsden Street. After crossing the river there is a pub within The Royal Oak Hotel which comes highly recommended, and then finally there is a bar within Parramatta Leagues known as Trophy Bar & Grill which is two minutes north of the stadium. Once you are at Pirtek you can purchase pints of XXXX Gold Australian Lager, spirits with mixers and Wine by the glass. All of which are of course served chilled. Fast food fans are spoilt for choice as there are numerous franchises within 5 minutes of Parramatta sports complex such as McDonald and Nandos on Victoria Road, and KFC and Pizza Hut five blocks north on Church Street.